Frequently Asked Questions

- Do I Really Need An Appointment?

Yes.  Cuts and Shaves is a one chair barber shop.  Matt is the only barber so in order to serve all his customers with the best service he works only by appointment.

- So Really No Walk Ins?

Matt has been serving the Duneland Area for over 9 years and his services are quite popular.  The rare times that aren't booked Matt uses to clean the shop, prepare for other customers, or to take a lunch break.

- How Much Should I Tip My Barber?

Tipping your Barber shows your appreciation for quality service and value.  By all means if you are not satisfied, do not offer gratuity.  However, most customers generally tip 20-25% of their service cost.  So for a $17 haircut, most would tip about $3.

- How early should I arrive for my appointment?

You should arrive no more than 10 minutes before your appointment as a courtesy to other customers.  Most arrive about 5 minutes before their appointment.

- Where are you located?

Inside the South Shore Market in Porter, Indiana.  1240 West Beam Street  Porter, IN  46304.

-What are your hours?

Appointments are (generally) available Tuesday - Saturday.  Times and days for available appointments may change from day to day or season to season.  Available times are always updated on the online scheduling.  If there are no openings for a particular day or time, it has been taken or Matt is not working on the day/time.